Sea Pearls Ankle Weights, (Pair)

$19.95 (as of December 9, 2018, 11:43 AM)

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Just like the hard weights, Sea Pearls lead shot is manufactured from lead that has been reclaimed from car batteries. The reclaimed lead is melted down and supplemented with small amounts of other elements to enhance its properties. The new alloy formed with antimony & tin is then used to create #5 lead shot. The shot is carefully measured and sewn into heavy-duty RynoHyde neoprene cover pouches for durability. Top quality ankle weights in multiple sizes, for use in trimming your balance, these weights are a must for suits with buoyant legs. Ankle weights are especially useful with dry suits. These handy snap-on-utility weights have webbing strap length that adjusts over a wide range, unlike most other ankle weight designs. Weights have neoprene with nylon covering inside-and-out. The abrasion resistant neoprene tube design conforms easily to your ankle and high-quality side release Nexus squeeze-style buckles direct webbing around your ankle. Straps adjust with one hand for a quick, comfortable fit. All seams are tough, premium quality stitched throughout. Ankle weights have premium non-slip nylon webbing straps and the buckles are made from tough Delrin for long life. Sea Pearls Ankle Weights are available in 2 lbs., 3 lbs. and 4 lbs. (0.91, 1.36 and 1.82 kg) increments per pair with a weight tolerance is -0 to +0.005 lbs. (-0 to +2.27 g).
Sea Pearls Ankle Weights, (Pair)
Top Quality Ankle Weights in 3-Sizes
Help in Trimming Balance
Must for Suits with Buoyant Legs

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