i-Summer Lightweight, Non-Toxic, Flexible And Resilient Silicone Swimming Cap Suitable for All Ages and All Hair Lengths, also Comes With Nose Clip And Ear Plugs

$8.97 (as of October 4, 2018, 9:44 PM)

Material: 100% high quality non-toxic silicone provides durable performance and optimum fit.
Ergonomics Design: Excellent elasticity and abrasive resistance.protect your hair,nose and ear while swimming.our swimming cap is designed to fit snugly to your head keeping your hair dry & protected from contaminated water or chlorine.Extra space for easy to take on & off.
Streamline Design: Sleek structure helps keep water flowing effortlessly over your head as you swim, increasing speed and reducing drag.

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Want to optimize swimming performance?
This really is the classic cap. It isn’t too tight or too loose, goes on and comes off really easily with no hair snagging and didn’t budge an inch to let any air in during our hour-long swim. This product is an essential part of your arsenal, protecting ears, nose and hair, lightweight and flexible, enhancing your time in the water.

Whether you’re a serious swimmer who wants to be as streamlined as possible in the water, or a casual paddler who’s more concerned with protecting their hair from the splashes of other people in the pool, wearing a swimming cap is generally a good idea. While no cap will keep your hair completely dry, they can limit how much water reaches it, minimising chlorine damage and meaning regular swimmers have at least some chance of not always smelling like a human pool. Caps also reduce the drag caused by wearing your hair loose or tied back, so you can swim faster more easily, but they also keep your hair off of your face and out of your eyes.Let’s enjoy swimming with our swimming cap now!

– No snagging or pulling of your hair when putting it on and taking off
– No slippage or filling with air in the water,general comfort
– No forehead line when the cap is removed
– Silicone swim cap is the most popular option, as it is affordable, durable, not prone to ripping and suitable for people with latex allergies

-Material: Silicone
-Product size:22cm L, 18 cm W, and 19cm H.(Maximum flexibility:35cm)
-Product weight: 2.4 oz

Warm tips:
How to keep the swim caps ?
1.Try using baby power, talcum power, or corn starch in the cap while in storage, making it easier to put on without snagging.
2.Packaged in a quality zip bag for protection and convenience.
– Designed for optimum fit, keeping hair dry and minimising exposure to chlorine.
– Streamlined to enhance water flow, increasing speed, removing drag and resistance and optimising performance.
– Fits snugly, snag free and is easy to take off and put on. Anti-slip. Ears and nose also protected.Suitable for all swimmers, regardless of age, hair length, hair type (includes baldness) or gender.
– 100% high quality non-toxic silicone that is highly flexible and extremely resistant, aimed at offering optimum performance whether for casual use, competition or training. Long lasting colour.
– Attention:Please recognize our brand name”i-Summer”,the swimming caps exclusively provided by i-Summer only,and we did not authorize any stores to sell our items. If you find them below our listing, they are all COUNTERFEITER/FORGERY.

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