Tourna Orange Dot Stage 2 Low Compression Tennis Balls (50 Balls)

$55.99 (as of November 14, 2018, 7:19 AM) $53.95

50% Reduced bounce tennis ball for USTA Quickstart program.
For ages 9 – 10
60 foot court

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Regular Tennis Balls bounce too high and too fast for kids and beginners. Low compression transition balls bounce lower, compress more, and are lighter than a regular tennis ball. This enables the game of tennis to be slowed down and therefore allows players to focus on technique. A beginning player can take a full swing at waist height, and the ball stays in the court. With a regular tennis ball, that same player with the same stroke would be hitting a ball over their head, with a short stroke, and the ball would fly to the back fence. By promoting these advanced techniques, players learn correct technique earlier and faster. Low Compression balls have 3 stages – 75% reduced compression Stage 3 Red Balls, 50% reduced compression Stage 2 Orange Dot balls, and 25% reduced compression Stage 1 Green Dot Balls. The desired compression and stage of ball is dependent on age, size of court, and skill level.
Tourna Stage 2, 50% reduced bounce tennis balls are made to bounce lower and fly slower than a standard tennis ball.
Low compression training balls help beginning players learn tennis at an early age by promoting long, full strokes, and with a height appropriate bounce.
Enables players to achieve longer rallies and practice more advanced techniques because of the low compression, helping them to transition to full court tennis more successfully.
Made for competitive play on 60-foot blue lined courts.
Meets USTA/ITF Stage 2 Youth Tennis specifications.
Includes 50 Orange Dot balls in a convenienty carry vinyl tote bag with carry handle and zipper closure

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