Choad Cheese Snowboard and Ski All Temp Hot Wax- 1 Pound

1 LB of Handcrafted High Quality Snowboard and Ski Hot Wax
Excellent Value

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Choad Cheese Snowboard & Ski Wax All-Temp Bulk Wax is one of the best hot wax values on Amazon. Our all-temp wax is formulated with a blend of vegetable and hydrocarbon waxes with the addition of a surfactant that provides both glide and protection for your base in a range of snow conditions. Surfactants are a form of detergent and can increase glide on snow with a higher water content, similar to a bar of soap rubbed on your skin. Dry soap on dry skin does not glide well. Wet soap on wet skin glides amazingly well. To utilize the glide properties of surfactants, we saturated our wax with these additives. As you ride, friction slowly wears away wax and continually releases the surfactant’s glide properties between your base and the snow. Choad Cheese Wax believes that riding snow is the funnest thing on Earth. And we believe that everything associated with riding should be fun too, so we built our brand on that simple principle. Choad Cheese Waxes have the tech to maximize glide in all snow conditions and has been rider tested and approved from Mt. Hood to Hokkaido. And to add fun to your waxing sessions, Choad Cheese Wax is available in a wide variety of scents to maximize your stokequillibrium for a glorious day of shred.
1 LB of Handcrafted High Quality All Temp Snowboard and Ski Hot Wax
Surfactant Additive to Increase Glide on Sticky Snow
Excellent Value
Non-Toxic and Locally Sourced in Portland Oregon, USA
Unscented in Hot Pink or White

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