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$19.99 (as of February 8, 2018, 9:44 AM)

Snowboard wall storage rack holds 2-3 snowboards, depending on bindings
Heavy duty ABS plastic with I-beam design can store all your boards, no problem
Easiest way to organize your boards and your home

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This rack will effectively store up to 3 snowboards on the wall – Great way to Organize the house. Simple, effective design to store, organize, and display all your snowboards. The rack is very strong but also lightweight because it is made from ABS plastic. Rack is easily stackable to hold 6, 9,or 12 boards. This comes with well written and diagramed instruction to make sure you mount the rack properly. Rack can be easily painted or spray painted to match room décor. This snowboard rack comes with both screws and drywall anchors for easy installation anywhere in your house or garage. As a word of caution, with today’s larger high back snowboards bindings sometimes it is very difficult to fit a snowboard on the middle level. Measure your board and bindings with the bindings folded down and compare to the photo that has dimensions of the rack. A lot of people use the center level for a board without bindings, skis, a skateboard, a longboard skateboard, a rip stick, or long handled tools. Great for the garage, closet, hallway, mud room, child’s room, or ANYWHERE! Rack comes as two arms that can be spaced to accommodate your snowboards. Hardware for installation is included. To be clear, this rack is made from plastic. It is an engineered product, designed to store boards (snowboards, skateboards, skis, etc) The rack is designed such that once it is mounted to the wall it is very strong in the direction of load, which is downward. The rack can be flexed laterally (side to side) but the load is not directed this way. Many thousand have been sold and are holding snowboards all around the world, so any fear that it won’t hold your board is unfounded. Rack Dimensions: Length =16.5″ – Each rung of the rack is 6.5″ long to hold your board – Will hold most boards under 12″ wide.
STORAGE CAPACITY: wall storage rack mounts 2 or 3 snowboards (based on bindings)
HEAVY DUTY I-BEAM DESIGN: and made of ABS plastic, to safely and securely store all your snowboards
ORGANIZE YOUR SNOWBOARDS: in your garage, basement, bedroom or anywhere else you want to store your snowboards
MULTI PURPOSE: also stores skis, helmets, skateboards, scooters, hockey sticks, and more

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