Prince O3 Black Prestrung Squash Racquet

Prestrung squash racquet with distinctive O-ports for greater power and stability
O-ports help stabilize the racquet to give you more control on off-center shots
Sweet spot is up to 54 percent larger than traditional racquets for improved power

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Prince 07/08 O3 Black squash racquet. Silver/Black. This is the absolute top of the line. This is a racquet designed for advanced players.
You may have heard about the whole O-series– Essentially, the racquet is made with 12 large O-shaped rings in the frame. Because the underlying material is so strong, the racquet can perform at the highest levels with less weight (and avoid some of the drilling which can structurally weaken a frame) making the racquet more aerodynamic. Less resistance means more racquet speed and THAT is the big deal–more power and velocity! This racquet uses Prince’s Triple Threat technology which places titanium, copper, carbon and tungsten in three critical racquet locations. A stable racquet design is created, with a huge sweet spot. It optimizes the weight distribution for perfect balance.
The racquet head is in a teardrop shape with a twist–the strings are set in a power fan. The strings on the vertical axis all fan out from a concentrated Power Ring area–that fanning allows longer stringing to be used with a more concentrated central area where the majority of your shots are struck.
This racquet also features the Prince Air+ Handle. The handle has a hollow chamber with an absorbent elastomer insert to absorb vibration. This is the absolute lightest racquet in the entire line–136 grams unstrung. The overall accuracy and power make it an unbeatable combination for the right player. This racquet features a mid-sized head. At 73 sq in (470 sq cm) it is fairly typical and familiar size and allows for an optimal balance of racquet speed, balance, and accuracy with a larger sweetspot. The racquet comes pre-strung with Prince’s top of the line synthetic stringing–Super Syn Gut 17. Finally, the racquet is equipped with a protective absorbent, lightweight, low-friction plastic covering on the exterior, particularly around the topmost part of the racquet. Comes with full-length padded and ventillated racquet cover.
The success of Prince’s O3 tennis racquets, which were engineered with unique O-ports to provide greater string freedom, led the company to introduce a matching line of squash racquets. The O3 Black squash model features the same distinctive O-ports, which replace traditional pin-sized string holes to create a super aerodynamic frame with a more responsive stringbed. This in turn generates an extra-large Sweet Zone that’s 54 percent larger than a conventional racquet’s sweet spot. As a result, you’ll blast more powerful serves and hit more consistent shots, while also returning wide shots with authority. What’s truly impressive is that Prince’s engineers were able to do all this without enlarging the racquet head, increasing its length, or adding weight. The O-ports also reduce aerodynamic drag to produce a faster swing speed, so players can reach more balls and win more points.

O3 racquets have a larger sweet spot and generate more speed than traditional racquets.

O-ports increase the conventional sweet spot by 54 percent.

Prince’s Triple Threat Tungsten technology creates a phenomenally stable frame.

As a final touch, the O3 Black racquet is equipped with a Triple Threat Tungsten frame, which places titanium, copper, carbon, and tungsten in three critical racquet locations: 10 o’clock, 2 o’clock, and at the bottom of the handle. This creates a phenomenally stable racquet design, which merges with the huge Sweet Zone to produce more power and precision than any Prince squash racquet before it.


  • Head size: 73 square inches/470 square cm
  • Cross section: 17-28-22.5
  • String pattern: 16 x 16
  • Weight: 138 grams, unstrung
  • Balance: 37.5 cm
  • Length: 27 inches/68.5 cm
  • String: Super Syn Gut 17
  • Grip: MicroZorb Indoor

About Prince
From its origin as a manufacturer of tennis ball machines, Prince has proved itself to be an industry leader in the innovation and manufacturing of performance racquet sports products. Prince has continually revolutionized the game with introductions of such racquet technologies as Oversize and Longbody, and most recently with O3 and Speedport. Prince is committed to continually delivering top-quality tennis products in all categories, outfitting players with the very best in footwear, apparel, strings, balls, accessories, and more. Prince has leveraged its international exposure by sponsoring some of the sport’s most elite athletes, including Maria Sharapova, Nikolay Davydenko, Jennifer Capriati, Patrick Rafter, Jimmy Connors, and Martina Navratilova. The company’s success at the highest level of competition has heightened consumer interest in the brand as well as the sport of tennis overall.
Prestrung squash racquet with distinctive O-ports for greater power and stability
O-ports help stabilize the racquet to give you more control on off-center shots
Sweet spot is up to 54 percent larger than traditional racquets for improved power
Triple Threat Tungsten design creates phenomenally stable frame
Head size measures 73 square inches; weighs 138 grams unstrung

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