Portland Design Works Mister Sparkle Chain Cleaner

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You don’t want to be the guy with drivetrain that sounds like he’s torturing a family of swallows with each pedal stroke. If you’re as meticulous with your bikes as we are with ours, you know the importance of keeping your chain clean of dirt and grime that will quickly degrade your drivetrain. Though a few drops of chain cleaner and an old t-shirt often do the job for cleaning, Portland Design Works designed the Mister Sparkle Chain Cleaner for those times when a gentle rub isn’t enough to clean off mud and grime. There are lots of chain cleaners on the market, but the Portland Design Works cleaner has efficiency and aesthetics working for it. When you look at anything Portland Design Works makes, you’ll notice no detail is overlooked. Every piece of the Mister Sparkle is made to benefit the efficiency of the cleaner. The small, two-piece assembly has a rounded, narrow construction and clamps onto your chain below the chainstay, after you fill the small reservoir with a cleaning agent. Unlike many chain cleaners that are clunky and awkward to use, the Mister Sparkle eliminates the chain and derailleur fight by installing a thin swing arm that flips onto the back of your derailleur. This small arm holds the tension on your derailleur and rolls with your jockey wheels to keep the chain in place as you cycle it through the cleaner. The point of this isn’t just for chain placement, but also so you don’t have to hold onto Mister Sparkle, he can hang out as you pedal your chain to cleanliness. Portland Design Works recommends you use Boeshield T-9 with Mister Sparkle for a gentle cleaning and lubrication. For dirtier cleaning sessions, use Simple Green to get into smaller crevices, and finish the chain with lubrication.

Product Features

  • Material: hard plastic
  • Volume:
  • Recommended Use: drivetrain cleaning
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