AirStreamz Cycling Wind Noise Reducer

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INTRODUCING our Newest and Most Effective Products (see comparison charts).
PileTechTM ‘Materials Engineering’ – Soft PILE, Highest Rated for Cooling / Comfort.
WIND TUNNEL TESTED / Acoustically Transparent / Air Permeable / Moisture Wicking.

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Cat-Ears are the best selling and most effective Wind Noise* reduction products of their kind – see comparative analysis.
They have been independently tested / recommended by Bicycling, Bike Radar, Road Bike Review, and Outside Magazines.

The mid-sized (3″) AirStreamzTM, based on PileTechTM materials science / engineering, are the #1 best selling for Casual to Club Cyclists.

Developed through aero-acoustic research, AirStreamzTM are made from acoustic pile materials that dampen / dissipate / deflect oncoming wind and reduce the intensity of noise producing vortex turbulence.

Cat-Ears products are sound permeable for safe road cycling. “Wind Noise can inhibit one’s ability to distinguish traffic noise, often a first line of defense in an urban setting. Cat-Ears don’t restrict hearing while others I’ve tried do.” – Adventure Cycling Association. Our materials have been tested for effectiveness / transparency at Antioch University.

*Wind Noise is a complex phenomenon spanning aerodynamics, acoustics, and the physiology of human hearing. The amount experienced depends on factors like: 1) speed, 2) riding position, 3) head shape, 4) turbulence, and so on. With Cat-Ears, wind noise levels are reduced by 14-16 dBA between 20 and 20k Hz. This is a reduction in sound pressure level of ~80%. But microphones and ears behave differently. And while the amount of perceived wind noise reduction can vary, we stand behind our products as the most effective WNR devices of their kind on the market.

“Cat-Ears work dramatically well. I found I was enjoying rides more, simply because I could hear more of what I wanted to, and less of what I didn’t.” – Bicycling

Designed with air ‘flow through’ porosity, AirstreamzTM wick away moisture / stay cool.

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Not recommended for Specialized, Nutcase, Bern helmets.
Made in USA | Satisfaction Guaranteed | Contact us for assistance.
#1 BEST SELLING – Our Newest Product Designed To Improve Road Cycling Safety.
PileTechTM ‘Materials Engineering’ – Super Soft, Highest Rated for Cooling / Comfort.
WIND TUNNEL TESTED / Acoustically Transparent / Air Permeable / Moisture Wicking.
Cat-Ears named “Our Favorite Cycling Wind Gear” G. Liu / J. Lindsay, Bicycling Magazine.
INDEPENDENT REVIEWS “Cat-Ears work better than Wind-Blox” Tech. Editor, CyclingTips.

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