We Sell Mats Gymnastics Octagon Skill Shape Tumbling Somersault Backbend Trainer

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The We Sell Mats Gymnastics Octagon is a sturdy piece of gymnastic equipment that comes in vibrant colors that kids fall in love with right away. With its heavy duty, durable and strong 18oz vinyl exterior, the octagon is perfect for your energy-filled loved ones, as it can easily withstand their exercises and increasing weight for years on end, or at least they fully outgrown it.

Without further ado, below is the review on what I think is a heavy contender in the octagon category, and definitely one of the best pieces of gymnastic equipment for the price. Your kids will love it, but here is what you should expect.

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We Sell Mats Gymnastics Octagon Review

When I was asked to review the We Sell Mats Gymnastic Octagon, I realized I would need help from a bendy little gymnast. My friend’s daughter, who is ten years old and avid gymnast and dancer, was the perfect candidate.

Mind the size

The We Sell Mats Gymnastic Octagon we received for a trial was a size L, which was a tad too big for her, but not impossible to practice on. The good thing is that they come in four different sizes, so depending on the height and size of your child you can choose the right fit.

Having said that, the seller doesn’t provide a size chart, which is a bit inconvenient, so you have to rely on your free estimate or internet generated feedback.  However, if you are in doubt, go for the bigger size as it won’t make a world of a difference (children will get the hang of it quickly) and you will use it for much longer.

Sturdy and durable

At first glance, the We Sell Mats Gymnastic Octagon looks and feels as advertised. It is light and sturdy, with vinyl exterior and firm foam interior. It comes in two color combinations – lime green/blue and purple/pink. We got the pink/purple one and the colors look better and more vivid than in the pictures. Naturally, kids rejoice right away.

My friend’s daughter is a bit heavy for her age, but the octagon remained useful and showed no signs of a structural compromise. This suggests to me that the product is very durable – which is exactly as advertised.

Solid design

As for the functional test, my little tester tried some back flips, walkovers and front and back handsprings, and she loved it. I was judging by the general reaction and tried to find out if she was facing obstacles. To her delight though, there wasn’t a single thing that was objectionable.

It is the same quality as those that you’ll find in prestige gym centers, so owning it is definitely smart if you want to invest in your kid’s gymnastic practice.

Furthermore, the straps are firm and nicely attached, and you don’t have to worry about them tearing off even after years of use.


If you need a quality manufactured octagon that comes with a heavy duty vinyl exterior, and dense and firm foam interior, this is definitely one of the best products on the market. The price is not exactly affordable, but have in mind that this is a super-quality item that your kid will work with for years on end, or until they outgrow it. If you are serious about investing in your kid’s practice, there is hardly a better product to own than the We Sell Mats Gymnastics Octagon.

The sentiment around the internet and especially on forum boards is very positive, and there is not a single thing that is objectionable when it comes to this quality piece of gymnastic equipment. Highly recommended!

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