24V/36V e-Bike 3-speed PAS LED Control Panel/Display Meter-880 for Electric Bicycle DIY Conversion Parts

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Product Description 24V/36V e-Bike 3-speed PAS LED Control Panel/Display Meter-880 for Electric Bicycle DIY Conversion Parts 3-speed PAS LED Control Panel for Electric Bicycle DIY Conversion Parts Leadtime: 3-5 days It will take about 3-5 days for us to build and test thiselectric bike diY conversion parts for you. Very Important Notes: 3-Speed PAS LED Control Panel can ONLY work with 3-Speed PAS LED compatible Controller. If you choose this LED control panel, please also choose LED compatible controller. Features: 1. ON/OFF function of power supply, it will automatically shut down after standby for 5 minutes; 2. Four-bit intelligent power display can be a true reflection of the state of battery charge to guarantee the riding distance; 3. High, middle and low gears of imitation torque boost of switch gears and gear indicator display, with gear memory function, power on can automatically recover the gear state during power off; 4. 15-bit LED strip speed indicator; 5. 6Km/h boost function, and the boost light is blinking during boost, it can be used by the rider during driving a vehicle, and the vehicle driving will be easy; 6. Under-voltage indication function, when the battery is in under-voltage, the under-voltage indicator flashes; 7. The headlight switch control function, and it can turn on and off lights, when headlights are turned on, the headlight indicator is lit; 8. The adoption of five- line of digital communication is with a self-setting function of versatile parameters, users can adjust the settings such as motor parameters, velocity parameters, speed parameter according to different models; 9. The instrument is with good interchangeability, and different instruments can directly exchange with each other and copy the data parameters; 10. The optional power supply voltage is 24V and 36V; 11. Black housing;

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