Fire Starter Survival Fire Rod Striker 1/2″ X 5” Ferrocerium Rod by Relefree Emergency Flint Firesteel Ferro Rod Magnesium Rod with Quick Well Sparks for Outdoor Camping, Hiking. Super Thick Rod DIY Survival Kit(127mm)

$11.99 (as of October 20, 2017, 5:36 PM)

PREMIUM MATERIAL–Relefree fire starter rod is made of magnesium won’t burn when contact fire, also not afraid of wet. As long as scraping the surface fast and vertically with the matching curette or knife, you can scrape off some debris which can combust in the air spontaneously and rapidly, becoming fire of high temperature, nearly 3000 degrees Celsius.
HOW TO USE–Scrape the flint with a metal blade slowly to produce some crumbs in a small pile of hay, leaves or paper. Then strike the magnesium bar quickly to let sparks ignite magnesium debris . Add some thin bars after the flame is produced.Falling into kindling prepared, large particles of debris can ignite paper directly and then build

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Nothing is more thoughtful than elaborate hand-made products. Relefree makes your own fire starter!

The importance of fire starter in outdoor sports is self-evident ether for hiking, survival, travel, cycling or home using. Lighters, matches, and other ignition tools are vulnerable to harsh environmental conditions such as humidity, wind, and pressure. In addition, they are prohibited from carrying on vehicles in many cases. Therefore, it is necessary to always prepare a reliable and durable fire starter in your bag.

Most of today’s fire starters are more than fancy and practically inadequate. Producers want to add all the functions into the fire starter including compass, whistle, cotton tinder, glass breaker, but nothing is done well.

Relefree is committed to returning the product itself to make a real fire starter. You can drill a hole, add a handle on the super-size and economical product, or make two small fire starters. With it, you can make full use of your imagination and enjoy the joy of DIY! You can also enjoy the DIY results of other buyers in the main picture (double-click the picture on the computer side to see more)!

How to use:
Pay attention to the sparking rod using. In order to improve the efficiency of ignition, the surface protective layer and oxide laye should be scraped before scraping.
For damp kindling , you can scrape larger particles slowly on the kindling surface , making them together into a pile,and then let the rod approach the pile of debris, igniting quickly with the sparks to produce concentrated heat which ensure reliable ignition kindling.

Product size:
Diameter: 1/2″(12.7mm)
Length: 5″(127mm)

fire starter x 1
➤Relefree fire starter rod can be enjoy DIY, embedded in a plastic handle and worn with a curette or you can easily drill a hole in it.
➤In order to improve the efficiency of ignition, the surface protective layer and oxide laye should be scraped before using.
➤Relefree fire starter rod is made of magnesium won’t burn when contact fire, also can be used in rain and snow.
➤Relefree fire starter rod can strike up to 20000 times! produce 3000 degrees celsius sparks(5500 degrees Fahrenheit)!
➤The reliability of the Relefre fire starter rod has made it the favorite of outdoor experts, hunters, fishing enthusiasts, and campers.

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