Personal Water Filter Straw,Outdoor Survival Kit Emergency Gear Filter for Camping Hiking Sports Traveling Climbing Backpacking.

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  Filter pore size: 0.1 micron
Filter Capacity: 2000 Liters
Dimensions: 200mm (7.86″) x 33 mm (1.29″)
Weight: 65grams / 2.29 oz
Filter Type: Ultra Membrane Filter, Carbon Filter and Mesh Cotton Pre-Fi

Carbon fiber activated carbon filter layer
Remove the organic chemical pollutants in the water,improve the taste of water,reduce the turbidity of water again,make water became more clean.

Granular coconut shell activated carbon filter layer
Remove the water bad taste and poisonous and harmful substances.

MIR high iodine bactericidal resin filter layer
Thorughly effective killing eschenichia coli in the water, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella typhi, cholera bacteria, legionella bacteria and other pathogenic bacteria.
the sterilization rate of more than 99.9999%, stop the bacteria that it was intercepted by the ultrafiltration membrane.
avoid the bacteria produce toxins into the ultrafiltration membrane filter aperture formed the secondary pollution of water quality.

Multifunctional universal thread connector
It can connect the standard diameter water bottles, etc, it is more convenient to use.

1. Do NOT use this product with salt water.
2. Do not put it into the Microwave oven.
3. Avoid using it when water temperature is over 40?(104?).
4.Store in dry conditions.
4.Try to use this product in clear water,as muddy water can easily block the tube.

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