Myerchin Knife Stainless Steel Marlinspike Spike A008

$23.95 (as of October 20, 2017, 6:02 AM) $18.99

Professional quality marlinspike
Solid stainless steel
Used by sailors, commercial tug boats

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7″ overall stainless marlin spike
Professional quality marlinspike Rope rigging tool Solid stainless steel “Tested at Sea” Used by sailors, commercial tug boats
Some of Marlinspikes uses are As levers to open strands of laid rope when forming eyes or inserting items into the lay. To untie knots that have tightened under tension. As a lever or handle to tension marline or rope using a marlinspike hitch, much tighter than by gripping the line with the hand alone. As an improvised weapon against hostile boarding parties
Myerchin, Inc. has been dedicated to the production of quality rigging gear for over a quarter century. Our products have been used and tested all over the world by professionals and dedicated seafarers. Our testing grounds have always been the sea… the harshest environment on earth. We proudly supply the US Navy and US Coast Guard through the GSA along with several NATO Navies.
Myerchin spike is a precision tool. Like all precision tools, the manufacturing tolerances are very close; hence the clean open and snap (walk and talk) when the components are opened and locked. We continuously utilize our almost half a century of marine experience in the manufacturing process constantly updating our techniques and materials as warranted by advances in the field. Your marlinspike is made to function as well as possible in a harsh marine environment.

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