Frankensled – Pocket Flare & Banger Kit Case Only. Launcher, Flares or Bangers (Visual and Audible Signal Device, Bear Deterrent) Not Included

$25.99 (as of November 3, 2017, 3:20 AM)

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Our signal case is a waterproof case that carries both our flares and pen launchers. Our case has a built in belt clip as well as a supplied carabineer (ideal for hikers) for easy carrying. For those walks in bear country, a banger and launcher can be safely fastened onto the outside of the case. The readied launcher cannot be fired when locked into the outside of the case, but can be quickly removed when needed. Our instructional sticker on the back can also be used as a signaling device should you be limited to bangers or be out of signal flares. This offer is limited to just a case, but of course this must be purchased separately from us. Due to the nature of this product, Amazon is not able to carry these loads. For those wondering, the loads this case can carry include a red 15,000 candle power distress flare that flies in excess of 150 feet high, and has a sparkling tail. This tail is ideal for checking wind direction and helps make the flare more visible. At 150 feet, you will be able to get above most trees and canopies, to signal for help should you need. Our bangers are great audio signals as well as animal deterrents. When launched, the bangers will fly about 100 feet, then “explode” producing a shot gun like blast. This loud blast is ideal for signalling others to your whereabouts or to scare off unwanted animals such as bear, coyotes, and deer. Our launcher is a long lasting piece of equipment that will last the lifetime of your kit.

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