FiveJoy Portable Trench Shovel for Gardening, Camping, Metal Detect, Off-Road, Emergency (J2) – Hard Wood Handle, High Carbon Steel Blade – Excel in Digging, Chopping, Prying – Great to Keep in Trunk

$55.00 (as of October 20, 2017, 10:58 AM) $38.00

💪 TOUGHNESS GUARANTEED – High Strength, High Elasticity, High Ductility. The spade is forged with ultra solid carbon steel and secured with strengthening ribs for maximum strength and lifetime durability. This shovel can withstand being run over by a test trolley weighing 2 tons! The spade is water resistant, but not recommended for use in salt water. Go ahead- PUT IT TO THE TEST!
🏕️ DESIGNED for SUPREME POWER & CONTROL – Our Patented Double Sided Design Fixing has the Spade fastened to the strengthened collar with nine (9) rivets to withstand rough prying and bending. The Concave, Dual Point Edge increases the contact surface to improve efficiency and stabilize entry int

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FiveJoy Portable Multifunction Backcountry Shovel offers MAXIMUM Strength, MULTI PURPOSE functions and LIFETIME Durability.

Use the Shovel to dig your car out from the snow, dig a quick shelter in a tree well or trench, dig pits for determining backcountry conditions, carve out a level space for your tent when snow camping or glacier climbing, dig fresh snow to melt for drinking water….

Shovel Head: Made of Hi-Carbon Stainless Steel (Hardness HRC50-52, Tensile Strength MPa>=735, Limit Standard 15T)
Handle: Made of Polished Beech wood that ages well.

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💪 A REAL WORK HORSE: Made of high carbon steel, the shovel head is strengthened and hardened by heating and quenching several times for high strength and high elasticity – it can withstand being run over by a test trolley weighing 2 tons! You think we are bragging? Well, check the video clip on the left side. For full version, please check Pinetree Line Outdoors on youtube.
⚒ VERSATILE: Though shorter than regular full-size shovels, it’s more versatile. Digging, splitting, chopping, prying, or dropping zombies in one swift blow … Gardening, camping, metal detecting, off-road … Great addition to your woodsman collection, camping pack, bug out kit …
✔️ PORTABLE: Thanks to its compactness and lightweight, it’s easy to carry it around. Even better, the included nylon sheath has a velcro belt loop on the back and can be attached to belt or backpack. Perfect size to place in trunk for emergencies: digging your car out of sand/mud/snow, or self defense …
⛑️ TIPS WHEN ENTRENCHING: To save effort and be more efficient: (1) Squat down (2) Step on shoulder to apply more force
🏕️ WELL THOUGHT OUT DESIGN: The shovel head is fastened to the collar with 7 rivets (front) and 2 screws (back) to withstand rough prying and bending. Opposed to a regular spade, its Dual-Point Concave Edge avoids direct contact with the ground to prevent force deviation, and hence to improve and stabilize entry into hard surface. The Wide Step Shoulder allows you to easily step and apply extra force. The Double Edge design features a thinner edge for cutting and a thicker edge for splitting.

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