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The willful non-Bluetooth pedometer fitness tracker bracelet is one of the most affordable yet reliable tracking devices on the market. It doesn’t require smartphone connection, or installing any applications whatsoever, which makes it one of the most convenient fitness trackers available.

The functions include an accurate pedometer, sleep monitor, and tracking of your workout duration, distance, and calories burned. Processing data with the help of a fast and reliable CPU, you can rest assured that all measurements are accurate according to your personal data input (Height, age, weight etc.)

Stylish and sleek, the Willful fitness tracker is all you need from a monitoring device. Light

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Editor's review

Stylish and elegant, the Willful fitness tracker fits comfortably around the wrist. Its 0.49 OLED display is crisp and ergonomically designed, blending with the overall concept of the watch.

Supporting data storage, it can track your activities throughout the entire day, resetting, automatically at the end of each. The measuring unit uses the metric system, which cannot be switched to imperial, but I quickly got the hang of it.

Extra-long battery life

With a marketed stand by time of 15 days, and battery life for 7 days of normal use, this is one reliable tracker. This may have to do with the fact that no Bluetooth or wireless is necessary in order to use the tracker. That being said, it is a real relief to go out without carrying the phone along. It really bugs me off having to strap the phone to my arm, and readjust the band every minute or so. No more!

Set your personal information and have fun

You’ll have to manually set your personal info, including gender, age, height, and weight, and also set the time and date. The process is very easy and you just have to follow the instructions included in the manual (provided with the package).

As for the sleep mode, you have to touch the button, hold for 3 seconds, and you instantly access sleep mode. It is very useful for tracking your sleep patterns, and monitoring sleep quality.

Technical specifications

  • Main CPU: TI2541(USA)
  • Display: 0.49″ OLED
  • Button: touch
  • Language: English
  • Battery: polymer Lithium 50mAh
  • Charging time: about half an hour
  • Stand by: 15 days
  • Normal use: 7 days
  • Frequently use: 4 days
  • Charging method: the main unit can be taken out from the strap and there is usb port on the end, charging with a usb cable
  • Waterproof: no
  • Strap Width:0.6 inch
  • Strap size: for 6.5″ to 9″ wrist
  • Time:24 hour system
  • Measure Unit: Metric (can’t be switch to imperial)

Included in package

  • 1 fitness tracker bracelet
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 instruction manual


The Willful fitness tracker is one of the most affordable tracking devices on the market, and can easily be used as both pedometer and sleep monitor as well. It is accurate enough to track your workouts in distance, time, and calories burned, and has a very elegant and stylish design. If you are on the fence, trying to decide whether or not to order one, my verdict is to definitely go ahead. Top quality and super reliable!



Main CPU:TI2541(USA)
Display:0.49″ OLED
Button:touch button
Battery:polymer Lithium 50 Mah
Charging time:about half an hour
Stand by:15 days
Normal use:7 days
Frequently use:4 days
Charging method:the main unit can be taken out from the strap and there is usb port on the end,charging with a usb cable
Strap Width:0.6 inch
Strap size:for 6.5″ to 9″ wrist
Time:24 hour system
Measure Unit:Metric(can’t be switch to imperial)
Sports data storage:Reset at the end of each day automatically.
Manually reset:support,operate in the setting mode (Clear:Yes/No)

Tips:If you don’t use the metric system,you can use the unit conversion below.
Height: 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters
Weight: 1 pound = 0.454 kilograms
Distance: 1 kilometer = 0.62 mile

This bracelet has no bluetooth function,so it can stand along without a smartphone.It also mean you need to set your personal information and time/date in this little unit.It is easy to set up,just refer to the operation below.

How to use:

1.short touch the button to switch the menu from steps-calories-distance-speed-sports time-sleep mode-setting mode-time-data
2.setting mode(the wrench icon):3 seconds touch the button access to the setting mode.You can set information like year-month,day-hour,minute-gender-age-weight-height-clear one by one.Remember short touch to change the data and 3 seconds touch to confirm the data and move to next setting.
3.Sleep mode:3 seconds touch the button access to sleep mode.

Package include: 1 x pedometer bracelet,1 x USB cable,1 x instruction
Accurately track your all-day status like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, exercise time and sleep quality
Sensitive touch button,easy to control and check the data on the screen;The strap is made of medical TPU material,very healthy and comfortable.
Function:Time, Date,Pedometer, calorie burning monitor, Distance,speed, sport time, sleeping monitor,setting
You can enter your personal information (age,height,weight,gender) in this bracelet to get the accurate data.This pedometer also allow you to set the time and data.
Non-Bluetooth design,NO APP needed,NO Phone needed,can’t sync data to smartphones.Just a simple but powerful pedometer bracelet

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