POLAR VANTAGE M –Advanced Running & Multisport Watch with GPS and Wrist-based Heart Rate (Lightweight Design & Latest Technology)

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Whether you want to reach the next level in your favorite sport or you just want to measure your performance in various sports, Polar Vantage M is the training companion you are looking for. Packed with multitude of features, this all-round multisport watch perfectly displays the latest sports technology that will provide you with all the data you need in order to enhance your performance.

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Polar Vantage M Review

First things first, this is a solid GPS watch, and one with super accurate heart rate measurements that are only second to premium grade chest straps. Needless to say, this is professional equipment we are talking about here. I have been using this baby for a week now, and there is plenty of joy to check my stats, and monitor the quality of my sleep (yes that’s included as well, and you’ll be surprised how accurate it is and how incredibly well it correlates with going late or early to bed, eating right before you put your head on a pillow etc.

If you want even more precision, do consider getting the Polar H10 hear rate sensor – it is a chest strap that perfectly pairs with the Polar Vantage M. Don’t you just love when companies make stable ecosystems that allow products to pair with one another even several years apart!

Key Features

The Polar Vantage M is packed with features, and there is much joy in experiencing a reliable watch where all of them work as intended. This is not your cheap and average technology where things are put there for show. No. It is really something to get your hands on a device that works as it was supposed to, and just as you will see it advertised.

Polar Precision Prime

Polar Vantage M utilizes the Precision Prime sensor fusion technology to provide accurate wrist-based heart rate measuring. This innovative feature is a combination of optical heart rate measurements and other sensor technologies in order to eliminate motion artifacts that might interfere with the heart rate signal and give inaccurate readings. The technology is patented by Polar and used throughout its line of premium and professional models.

Training Load Pro

Whenever you are engaged in a sports activity, it is essential that you know the amount of strain your body is subject to so you can find the balance between different types of workouts and rest. Training Load Pro monitors the strain on your cardiovascular system during training (Cardio Load), also taking into account how the intensity of your session (Subjective Load).

If you are using a separate cycling or running power meter, you will also get a read of the straining put on your musculoskeletal system (Muscle Load). Knowing how strained your body is can help you optimize your training.

Polar Flow

Polar Flow is the perfect online partner to your Polar watch, and it helps you track your entire training and also analyze your progress. It makes planning individual workouts easy by helping you with a personal workout plan. With Polar Flow, you can choose from over 100 sports and add up to 20 sport profiles to your sports watch to track. All of these support individual customized settings for each, which is a ton of data to work with later on.

With Polar Flow, you also get an automatic training diary with detailed analysis of your training sessions, activity, sleep, test results and recovery data – important data that help you find the ideal balance between training and rest as you progress one day at a time.

Other features

Other features of the Polar Vantage M include the Running index – which will help you find out your maximum oxygen intake (VO2max) and track and monitor your running performance. This is crucial for long distance runners, as well as triathlon competitors who want to improve their VO2max.

The Running program, on the other hand, will let you train for an event with a personal running plan based on your individual data and goals. There is also the featured called Swimming metrics that helps you follow your progress in the swimming pool. With it you can track your heart rate, swimming style, strokes, distance, pace and rest time.

The next feature, which is called Smart calories, will help you get an accurate estimate of the number of calories burnt based on your height, weight, gender, age, heart rate maximum and the intensity of your training.

The 24/7 activity tracking offers round-the-clock stats about your steps, distance, calories and sleep. It was really interesting to see how sleep patterns vary from one night to another, and how easily they correlate with late bedtime, early alarm clocks, and eating close before going to bed.

You also get Phone notifications which allow you to stay connected and get immediate notifications from your phone – incoming calls, messages, e-mail, and more. This option was not available one year ago, but with the latest update it is now fully operational. The great thing is that you can also expect future updates that further elevate the functionality of your Polar Vantage M, which is something that I especially love. Instead of having products released and then forgotten, Polar always works on its models sometimes even for a decade in the future. This means more great surprises down the road, even long after your purchase.

The design of the Polar Vantage M

The circle is large enough to be noticed, but it is not one that goes out from the sides of your wrist. I have small wrists to begin with, so it must look even better for those with bigger ones. You can chose between black, white, green and red for the color of your wristband, and I find the green and red to be the most dashing. My wife is trying the red and I enjoy the green as it is vibrant and bright.

As for comfort, the Polar Vantage M is unparalleled. I am not the type of person who enjoys accessories on my hands, and that is an understatement. So, naturally, I am very picky when it comes to wristwatches. But, from wearing this one about a week, I find that it is very light (surprisingly even!), and that the band is not making friction against the wrist.

Being a person who enjoys neat design, I find the interface to be top notch! Whoever made the graphic design deserves a medal – minimalistic, yet vibrant, colorful and sleek. Bravo – well done! The fonts blend perfectly with the overall interface, and the numbers and letters are large enough to easily digest even with a quick glimpse.


To be frank, there are plenty of things one can say about the Polar Vantage M, and you’ll still be surprised once you get your hands on this amazing device. But the short version is this – do you need a watch that has both GPS and heart rate measurements that are more accurate than 99% of the models on the market? Well, this is the one. Do you need a watch that incorporates dozens of features into a rich 100+ sports portfolio with customizable stats? Again, this watch is your pick. And on top of all, it is stylish, light, relatively affordable when compared to most of the other premium grade models, and has one of the best support teams available, so you can expect dozens of useful updates even years from now. This is, bar none, the best fitness watch that I have ever used!

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