Kinetic inRIDE Watt Meter

$99.00 (as of July 16, 2018, 12:37 AM)

Odometer: total distance, trip distance
Altimeter: no
Heart Rate Monitor: included

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Training with power has always been an expensive affair. First, you need the power meter itself, and to add insult to injury, you then have to purchase a CPU. Luckily, Kinetic By Kurt has simplified the process by harnessing the power of your Apple iPhine or iPad with its inRIDE Watt Meter. Now, you can receive all of the metrics that’re vital to indoor training right on your own device for a fraction of the typical price. So, you’re probably wondering how it works? Well, within the package you receive an inRide Sensor Pod, a rubber grommet, and a magnet. For the setup, you simply place the grommet and magnet into the pre-drilled hole on your Kinetic roller plate. Afterwards, you simply place the inRide Sensor in alignment with the magnet on the rear of the trainer. Don’t worry, it applies easily with an adhesive backing. And now that everything is in place, you strap on the included hear rate monitor (HRM), and you’re off. The Sensor Pod and HRM communicate with the inRide App via Bluetooth Smart technology. So, your devices will wirelessly communicate all of your riding data during your workout. And of course, you’re wondering what data is collected? Well, the inRIDE system records and reflects your speed and cadence at the tire, and in real time, calculates a simple equation in order to reflect that information in watts. Additionally, you can view your heart rate, distance, and time duration. Kinetic has also enabled post-workout analysis by allowing you to upload your training data to your favorite program or site, as well as providing the means to email your collected data to another party like a coach. The Kinetic By Kurt inRIDE Watt Meter is available in the color Black and includes an inRide Sensor Pod, rubber grommet, magnet, and heart rate monitor. Please note that this system is only compatible with the Apple iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad Mini, and the newest iPod Touch. Additionally, the system is only compatible with Kinetic By Kurt Road Machi…
Altimeter: no
Heart Rate Monitor: yes
Chronograph: no
Sensor: Kinetic inRide
Wireless: yes

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