FIRELINE Paracord Watch Band for Apple Watch 42mm, Replacement Band with Rugged Outdoor Survival Stainless Steel Shackle and 550 Paracord

$32.99 (as of October 18, 2018, 2:24 PM)

UPGRADED VERSION 2.0 – Comfortably Rugged: Designed as a replacement strap for any 42mm Apple Watch, this stylish unisex band comes in soft-yet-tough 550 paracord, over 3 times stronger than ordinary nylon cord.
Easy to Attach: No tools needed! Simply slide the New solid stainless-steel adapters into place, click firmly & you’re set. Resilient 1.06″-wide strap fits wrists up to 7.44 inches around (189mm).
Doubles as a Lifeline: When you face an emergency, big or small, this band can make the difference. Just detach the cord, unwind into 2 long sections & deploy for multiple survival uses.

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As firefighters, we’ve seen it. No one can predict the future. You could face a survival situation 5 minutes from now – on your drive, at work, at home, or on vacation. Survival situations arise without a moment’s notice. Be prepared with this paracord watchband by Fireline.

How does it work? The watchband unravels into a tough cord. When needed, quickly detach the 7-yard cord from your watch. Then unravel into 2 sections. Each section is5.5 feet long and has a minimum breakage strength of 550 lbs. The cord can be used for a variety of tactical and survival needs including shelter, food gathering, and tracking.

Who needs it? Our unisex paracord watchband can replace your stock Apple watchband. It attaches easily, and our band comes pre-woven and ready to use – no need to send your watch out to have the band woven on or have to weave the band yourself. Upgraded details like stainless steel fixtures and inward-facing cord ends mean you will look great while having peace of mind that you’re protected in any situation. A must-have for preppers, scouts, campers, hikers, and anyone who likes to wonder off in to the woods without a plan.

This Fireline watchband is risk-free. This is not just a replacement watchband or a new bracelet, it’s survival.

1.) Who knew an accessory can be lifesaving? Our paracord watchbands are more than a trend, they are a survival tool. With over 10 feet of cord, the band can be unraveled to use for fishing, tent tie-downs, sewing, and a wide range of other uses.
2.) Our paracord band replaces your stock 42mm Apple watch band. The cord is over 3 times stronger than a standard nylon cord and our Reflective Bands has reflective stripping woven in to protect you day and night. Attach the band in seconds and detach as easily in a survival situation.
3.) Laser engraved stainless clasps and adapters add a sophisticated touch to your wrist and are rugged enough to withstand even the toughest lifestyles.
4.) Fireline is a firefighter-owned company. We make your safety and protection a priority in business and in life.
5.) We stand by our product. You might live life on the edge. But rest assured, this watchband is risk free.

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