Grand Way Ferro Magnesium Spark Fire Starter – Bushcraft Survival Thick Firesteel Rod with Flint Striker – Ruler Serrated Striker with Bottle Opener – Rapid Camp Fire Maker Kit for Outdoor 41013 P

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A FIRE STRIKER IS A TOOL USED IN FIREMAKING – with this you can even easier build a fire in any weather and at any altitude.
FERRO ROD – a modern fire striker consists of a rod made of ferrocerium alloy.

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A GrandWay 41013 P fire striker is a tool used in firemaking. The principle of operation has not changed since the time of Andersen’s fairy tale, the sheaf of sparks, obtained from striking steel with a flint, causes ignition of inflammable material.
To put it more bluntly, a modern fire striker consists of a rod made of ferrocerium alloy, and a cutter. The cutter is a strip of hardened steel, with teeth at the end. When the rod is struck against the cutter, very small heated chips are produced from the rod (t° of chips is 900-1100°C), which immediately ignite, interacting with oxygen contained in the air. A sheaf of such sparks immediately inflames dry grass, fluffy cotton, dry moss, birch bark and other ignition materials called “tinder”.
The fire striker is made in the form and size of the apartment key. For ease of use, we attached the cutter to the flint with a cord.
A small weight of our fire striker will not make your backpack heavier.
The fire striker will always help you out in any hopeless situation, when the matches get wet, and a reliable “brand” lighter refuses to work.
In addition, the fire striker is a stylish accessory and a remarkable non-trivial gift for birthdays, scout days, any occasion to make nice to your friends, relatives, girls and boys, fisher or hunter, any man or woman for outdoor survival.

FERRO ROD LENGTH: 100 MM (3,937″)
WEIGHT: 45G (1,6oz)

Rapid fire survival kit includes firesteel, ruler, serrated saw, a striker with bottle opener & hex wrench.

The company «GRAND WAY» – is engaged in the production and development of projects of knives (folding, hunting, tactical, souvenir, etc., with more than 1000 species.) under its own brand for over 15 years. Our goal is to bring together all the best, devised and tested over the years in the knife industry.

FIRE STARTER FOR FIREMAKING WITH A STRIKER AND ROD – with this you can even easier build a fire in any weather and at any altitude.
PERFECT FERROCERIUM ROD FOR ANY CASE – a modern pyrophoric alloy that produces hot sparks of high temperature and could be applicable at camping, hiking, bushcrafting, hunting & fishing, military & army needs, outdoor & DIY activities and even for survival, self defense and emergencies for making sparkles and fire ignition or starting to burn.
STEEL FLINT has a ruler shape with a small scale and a notch of a hex form that can be used as a wrench or a bottle opener. The serrated edge provides 900-1100 °C degree sparks.
EASY – TO – USE MULTIFUNCTIONAL TOOL is made in the form and size of an apartment key attached to a metal cutter by a black cord and has light weight for carrying in your pocket, backpack or bag during everyday use.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – your new tool is protected by Grand Way 10-year warranty. A great gift for men or women in your life.

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