Glute Kickback LITE “Patented” Ankle Strap – Made in the USA

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Dear Amazon customer, please beware of Glute Kickback knock-offs. Our competitors have tried to copy our product design; some have gone as far as copying our product/materials description. We are “Amazon’s Choice” Glute Kickback for a reason, and utilized by top fitness coaches & competitors across the nation. Sincerely, Robert Saar – SGT USMC
EXHAUSTIVE research & development goes into every IPR Fitness product. This is to not only achieve MAXIMUM muscle activation, but to make sure we offer the most balanced, safe, and effective product you can get! Our Glute Kickback is also great for Hamstring isolation, as well as Hip Abduction & Adduction exercises. Improper designs can cau

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The IPR Fitness Glute Kickback LITE increases your mind/muscle connection – especially important while training one of the largest muscle groups in your body! This Glute training tool will enhance the SIZE and TONE of your backside!! Not to mention the “performance of movement” gains you’ll notice by working the true CORE of your body! The unique design of this product will give you a lifting experience only available with an IPR Fitness product.
ULTRA COMFORTABLE – Incredibly durable Glute-specific training tool that’s a GAME CHANGER
EXHAUSTIVE research & development goes into every IPR Fitness product. This is to ensure we offer you, our customer, the most balanced, safe, and effective product you can get! The Glute Kickback design is great for Glute & Hamstring isolation training, as well as AB exercises. Hip Abduction & Adduction training is also very ergonomic, as your foot is rotated during isolated foot loading; something of critical importance to your knee and ankle health.
Unsurpassed Quality – Military grade quality control practices & use of MIL-SPEC(military specification) components are utilized in every possible area of design. We do this to ensure highest possible performance and durability over time. Straps are specifically sized for women or men, as proper fit is very critical to performance.
Comfort & stability is provided by lining our product with anti-slip, closed cell foam. For use with gym cable machine and/or home gym equipment.  Videos for product use located on our social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
100% Made in the USA materials & labor. We support locally sourced jobs that pay a living wage in America. Meticulously designed by a United States Marine, Iraq War Veteran.

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