Surviveware Emergency Mylar Blankets (5 Pack). Ideal for Survival, Hiking, Running, Backpacking and Marathons Great for Cars, Bug Out Bags and First Aid Kits. Safe is Boring, Be Prepared

$8.95 (as of November 14, 2018, 2:49 AM)

VERSATILE INSULATION. Beat hypothermia when you add an extra insulation layer to your sleeping bag or make your hiking boots waterproof by wearing the blankets as insulating socks. You can even construct a makeshift shelter during an emergency until help arrives.
SMALL, LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE. Throw these blankets into your backpack or bug out bag. These blankets are essential supplies when you are lost in the woods & trails or when WTSHTF.
DESIGNED FOR NASA AND MILITARY. If space blankets are still used in space today, you can be sure they are durable and provide sufficient insulation during extreme temperature fluctuations.

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“A versatile product at an amazing price”, “Excellent heat retention“, “Good value for a multi-use product”, “Extremely durable and are not easily torn or punctured”.

 Why do Amazon customers give our Space Blankets 5-Star Ratings? It’s simple:

• DURABLE! Our product is the #1 choice because our blankets are military grade quality and thicker than other brands on the market so your blankets don’t tear easily. This is great because during an emergency you cannot afford inferior quality.

• NEWSPAPERS & MEDIA LOVE OUR EMERGENCY BLANKETS! Our product has been featured on NBC, FOX, CBS and hundreds of other media sources.

• Here’s What an Amazon Customer, Eastern Ridge, Recently Said: “I’m a fan of Surviveware having bought their first aid kits and tourniquets previously. Their new Emergency Blanket gets another nod of approval.Get Yours Today while supplies last!

• ADDED BONUS! Every customer receives a FREE information PDF Guide that teaches you how to Build a shelter, Combat Frostbite, and Hypothermia and how to use your blankets creatively.

• 100% GUARANTEE! You risk absolutely nothing by trusting us with your preparedness needs. All our products are backed by an unconditional 100% one-year no-risk money back guarantee.

 Your search for the best EMERGENCY BLANKET on the market is finally over.Grab yours today from exclusively.

LIGHTWEIGHT! Unlike smaller blankets on the market that will not fit your entire body during emergencies, our extra large blankets are folded into tightly packed waterproof laminate bags which allows you to carry them separately. This means you can travel light and your gear is protected when facing the elements.
EFFECTIVE! Designed by NASA to provide the best thermal insulation in space where space is at a premium. When you and your kids go camping you need to ensure you have the most effective tools to be prepared when a disaster strikes.
2 SIDED COLORS! Our blankets are silver and green for a reason. The silver side retains 90% of your body heat while the green side only retains 65%. This means you can regulate your temperature based on the unique situation. The green side will also help camouflage your body if you ever need to blend into nature.
HEAVY DUTY! Unlike some of our competitors who use the thinnest materials in their products, we only use the most advanced aluminum foil in our bags. This means they are strong and reusable so if you are a hiker, backpacker, runner or endurance athlete you can use these blankets again and again.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND LIFETIME WARRANTY. Our goal is to keep each customer 100% satisfied. If you do not love your emergency blankets we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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