Small First Aid Kit (131 Pieces) Compact & Lightweight for Hikers & Backpackers. Portable First Aid Emergency & Survival Gear for Car, Home, Boat, Travel, RV, Cycling, Backpacking & Camping Essentials

$44.85 (as of October 4, 2018, 3:34 PM)

PORTABLE & ERGONOMIC, travel-friendly & MOLLE compatible for backpacker travelers. Tactical mini survival kit included for prepping field packs or bugout kits for outdoor adventures. Include in your tactical survival & campsite gear, hiker tent or medical supplies for treating injuries. For hunter fisherman or the preppers BOB or go bag. Great for work environments, house first aid supplies, camping go bag for first aid portability, or traveling first aid kit for boating or kayaking treks.
DURABLE SEMI HARD CASE for the offroading biker or cyclist trekker. Whether you’re mountain biking on the back woods trail, supplying for base camp, or just need one for your cycle backpack for

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Elite Provisions first aid kit hiking safety kit waterproof first aid kit. Best first aid kit, med kit, nuclear war survival kit, red cross first aid kit, or personal first aid kit. Emergency Preparedness Emergency Shelter Hurricane supplies, Survival food, Emergency food, Survival tools. Red cross first aid kit tough Dayhiker backpack BOB supplies. Dayhike supplies & Outdoor Adventure gear. Workshop First aid kit for Heavy duty hiking backpack & Trekking poles. Trekker first aid kit sturdy Backpacking gear & equipment. Marine First aid kit Mountaineering Expedition supplies, a tactical mini survival kit for vehicle glovebox, motorcycle, bug-out kit, go bag. Auto first aid kit, Roadside emergency kit, military First aid kit Glovebox. OSHA & ANSI first aid kit & travel-friendly camping accessories, traveling first aid kit for kayaking. Sports First aid kit Multi-purpose Rugged first aid kit & camping equipment & supplies for backwoods traveling, Offroad accessories mudding 4×4 truck & First aid kit for jeep or Outdoorsman survival kit. Hiking safety kit, ultra-light for hunter fisherman, day hike, campsite gear, or dayhiker gear for prepping tactical survival prepper BOB, field pack, bugout kit, mini-first aid kit MOLLE compatible for backpacks, gym bags, purses & handbags, Kitchen, house, van, or workplace tools, boat necessities or home necessities. Personal First aid kit for work shop first aid kit for glove compartment, gobag, trekking first aid kit, beach camping, boater & kayaker supplies, outside camping activities & boating adventures. FDA approved earthquake first aid kit for disaster preparedness for tornado or hurricane shelter. Alcohol prep pads Antiseptic wipes Triangular bandage Gauze roll Butterfly bandage Compass Emergency Whistle Mylar blanket Rain Poncho Cotton tip applicators Q-tips Scissor Tweezer Vinyl gloves First aid tape. Osha approved first aid kit, best first aid kit & med kit around. Great military first aid kit, or nuclear war survival kit
DEPENDABLE USA-BASED COMPANY. We use only industry standard, hospital-grade first aid supplies. This strong yet light weighing kit is ideal for hiking, backpacking , camping, mountain biking, kayak & boating trips, or hunting & fishing trips. Also great for everyday use in your home, kitchen, office, car, jeep, RV, boat, or on the job for workplace accidents. Contains an easy to use first aid card with CPR instruction guide, strong flexible bandages, & all items needed for comprehensive care.
SMALL & LIGHTWEIGHT, loaded with medical supplies and a mini survival kit in a tough, hard shell case; this kit is perfect for all outdoor activities, travel, sports, for the vehicle glovebox, or as a great addition to your camping accessories. Whether you’re prepping a field pack for an intense mountaineering expedition or you’re just a dayhiker, this reliable multi-purpose first aid kit has what you’ll need. So next time you’re packing for any trip or adventure make sure you bring one along!
DURABLE SEMI HARD CASE protects inner contents from being crushed, making it perfect for backpackers, campers or hikers who cram their backpacks with supplies for those long treks. Also makes a great trauma kit for those unexpected accidents during hunting & fishing trips, or just as a camping first aid kit to keep in the tent. So whether you’re hitting the trail for a short weekend excursion, or you need more serious tactical gear for wilderness survival, this versatile kit has you covered!
FDA APPROVED first aid supplies for your safety and peace of mind. This ultra-light yet rugged kit is a camping essential and a great way for any outdoorsman to be prepared for anything. Whether you’re a hunter, fisherman, hardcore trekker, or just planning a short day hike, kayaking or boating trek; this sturdy kit is small enough to fit into most bags and can be brought anywhere. And with its heavy-duty, water resistant (not waterproof) hard red case that floats, can also go on boats & kayaks.
EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS. Be ready for the unexpected and keep one in your go bag or bugout kit. Also a great prepper’s item to add to your cache of survival food & survival tools, or add to your BOB (bug out bag) or bug-out kit. Keep your shelter stocked for earthquakes, hurricanes or other disasters we hope will never happen! And because the kit weighs little it fits in most handbags so it’s great for work, traveling, backwoods trekking, or to keep in the auto glove box or emergency roadside kit

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