Compression Workout Shorts with Custom Phone Pocket THE II BRO

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THESE SHORTS SAVE LIVES: We pledge to give a significant portions of profits to Cancer Warriors Foundation…Sick of Your Phone Falling Out of Your Pocket while Bench Pressing??? Our Patented Designer Under Shorts have a Custom Pocket that Fit Perfectly for any iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6. (Now with Two Pockets for Credit Card, Keys or Cash)
The Bro Company Custom Running Compression Shorts NOW WITH TWO POCKETS!!!!!! Custom Phone Pocket Vertically Placed on Hip for Maximum Movement. SOLVES the Problem of Phones Bouncing Around your Bulky Running Shorts with Loose Pockets
FEW QUESTIONS: -Ever Have Your Phone Fall On The GROUND or BREAK your Screen While Working Out or We

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Please keep in mind your pair of Compression Shorts now come WITH TWO POCKETS. THe left pocket silver has infused RFID protection. The right side is for those who use Bluetooth and still want to keep their cell phone as far away from their “II boys”. We improved the right pocket by also making it big enough for any size smartphone.

A note from our founder.

After surviving cancer when I was just 15 years old, then losing my heroic Father at age 17 to the same disease, I have always tried to find ways to make the world a better place, so I am dedicating my life to the war against childhood cancer. Having your cell phone too close to your “II boys” can be harmful by potentially increasing your risk of cancer. II Pockets for II Baby Makers by The II Bro. II is the way I, a retired football player spells the number ” 2 “:)

I created these shorts for one reason: To keep your phone tight to your hip during your workouts. However, after carrying my phone in my back pocket or suit jacket (as far away from my soft tissue area) for years, I realized I was carrying my phone in my back pocket to protect against cancer in the exact same SPOT I once had CANCER. Yes, I had cancer in my butt. I used to call it my hip, but I really had cancer in my bum. Upper right bum to be exact.

TMI? I wondered if I was carrying the phone in my back pocket back then in high school? Doubtful, but if my cancer scare prevents just one case of cancer, then it’s a WIN! I did my best to bring you the best product I possible and even postponed the “We’re men, Were Men in Tights (tight tights)” potentially viral video for the silver pocket. I would like to do everything I can to prevent this disease and make sure I am here for my daughter. #CancerWarriorsForLife
Our Compression running shorts now have two pockets BOTH big enough for any phone. Both pockets are designed and tested over the last 18 months. We placed the pocket vertically on the hip allowing for maximum movement. This SOLVES the problem of phones bouncing all over the place and protects both of your boys
These shorts really can SAVE LIVES in multiple ways: Being a cancer survivor myself I pledge to give a significant portions of profits to Cancer Warriors Foundation…Sick of Your Phone Falling Out of Your Pocket while Bench Pressing??? Our Patented Designer Under Shorts have a Custom Pocket with a SILVER infused liner on LEFT
FEW QUESTIONS: Have you ever had your phone fall out of your pocket and smash on the floor while bench pressing? Are you sick of basketball shorts with big floppy loose pockets while you run or workout? Has your phone ever hit you right in the place where the sun don’t shine?
ANSWER: Compression Shorts with a Perfectly Placed PHONE POCKET!
FLAUNT IT IF YOU GOT IT: Men is Tights! Women are working out in sports bra’s all over the place. Now It’s time to show off The Bro Too! ;) Relax guys, the choice is yours. These shorts are most commonly worn as undershorts, however, your welcome to catch a breeze and stay connected while running around town. Keep your phone SECURE while blasting your favorite music and supporting your LOVE MAKING MACHINE! 30 day 100% money back warranty

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