20KN Aluminum Climbing Pulley Double Pulley with Swing Plates for Rescue Rope Climbing, Aloft Work, Setting A Tackle and Block in Your House (Style-02, Red)

$51.99 (as of November 9, 2017, 12:12 AM) $14.95

★ Whether you use it for rescue / climbing system, or for setting a tackle and block in your house, this is a simple but super powerful pulley for you
★ Swing plates for easy and rapid rope installation and remove. The closing style makes the pulley compatible with most kinds of carabiner
★ With rating to 20kN breaking strength, the pulley is of high durability and is able to satisfy almost all your requirements, like pulling a stranded boat, hauling your partner out of a crevasse, slack hitch, etc

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Outdoor Climbing Pulleys

These Double Rescue Pulleys are great choices for anyone who need a quality-manufactured pulley for rescue, ice climbing, rock climbing, arborist work or whatever requires block and tackle system.

The pulley intended for textile rope and steel cable.
Two sheaves prevent from twisting, thus providing smoother and more stable ride; The most basic back yard zip line trolley.
Stainless steel sheaves for excellent durability and high speed.

Style-01 : 20KN Mini Professional Climbing Aluminum Small Pulley

1 Strux Pulley
2″ aluminum, 0.64″ through size, fixed aluminum side swing plates with smooth rounded edges, Large hole for multiple carabiner attachment
Height: 4.4CM / 1.73in
Width: 8.2CM / 3.23in
Strength: 10/20KN
Rope size: 8-13mm
Net weight: 87g / 3.1 Oz

Style-02 : 20kN High quality-Manufactured Pulley

Plate: Aluminum Alloy
Sheave: Aluminum
Color: Red
Size: 2.224 x 3.189 inch /5.7 x 8.1 cm
Breaking Strength: 20kN / 4500lbs
Net weight: 105g / 3.7Oz

Style-03 (Double Speed): 25KN Climbing Equipment Double Climbing Aluminum Pulley

Height: 10.7CM / 4.2in
Width: 8.0CM / 3.14in
Length: 2.9CM / 1.15in
Closed Strength: 5600lbs / 24KN
Color:golden / red / black
Net weight: 310g / 11 Oz
Maximum speed: 25 m/s

The pulley is qualified for rescue / climbing hauling or boat draggig.
High quality-manufactured pulley who combines both utility and beauty.
You could use it to set up interesting tackle and block systems at your home. With red finish of dull polish, the pulley will well coordinate with your house color without impact on the house appearance.

Strength: Tensile strength 20kN / 25kN,Rope size: < 13mm/0.36inch Cable Rope,3 different styles to meet your needs
Safey and Durable : This dual climbing pulley is light weight, fast, safe and excellently durable.Ball bearings and large sheave diameter for high efficiency and smoothness
Easy to Carry : Convenient to carry or disposed, as a general pulley for hauling or transporting equipement,Holes for easily clipping carabiners, flexible enough for you to set your preferred zipline mode
Smoothly and Efficient : Concave pulley and polished surface for smoothly use with no friction clogging phenomenon,which provides great smooth rotation and efficient performance
Wide Range of Uses : Suitable for rescue, ice climbing, rock climbing, arborist work, dragging, tensioning system, in rescue, back yard zip line setting, mountaineering, tyrolean, rescue applications tree climbing, zipline sports etc

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