6 Pcs Disposable Rain Ponchos Ball for Adult or Kids with Hook Packed in Colorful Portable Ball for Fear of Sudden Rain When Enjoying Outdoor Activities

★ Premium Material – The disposable raincoat made of biodegradable material and the poncho ball made of plastic are of high quality, environmentally friendly, durable and waterproof
★ Multiple Uses – Suitable for different bags, such as schoolbag, briefcase, traveling bag and so on; especially suitable for the areas where it often rains
★ Perfect Experience – An emergency ponchos ball with no damage to the environment could bring you an affirmatory protection against the precipitate rain

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✔ The disposable rain poncho in ball only has one size, but it is perfect for both adults and kids. When you are ready to travel, especially with kids, poncho family pack is you extremely right choice. And for those who often work in outdoor, such as Water Amusement Park, Drifting, Stadium Concert, Portable rain poncho exercises a great power on avoid being rained. No one like raining suddenly when you are having a good fun.
✔ Portable Poncho Ball with Hook
The raincoat are secured with a rubber band and packed in a hand-held ball which has a convenient hook, you can snap the pocket size ball onto a backpack or a belt loop, you can also put it into your bag with no need to worry about it occupying spaces.we assume that all of us will like rain poncho’s ingenious design .
✔ Sturdy and Waterproof
These lightweight emergency plastic ponchos or raincoats are disposable for 1 time use. However, you can pretty much rest assured that they are sturdy waterproof and big enough to protect you from a sudden rain. There’s no need to be afraid of water projects and being exposed to wind and rain without an umbrella. Besides, you can throw the poncho or put it back into the ball after using it. Do as you like because neither of the two ways would make your bag smudged.

Material: Plastic
Dimension: the ball radius is 2.56 inches (6.5 cm).
Package Includes: 6 x Poncho Ball
Colors: White, Red, Dark Blue, Baby Blue, Green and Yellow.

Note: Colors will be sent by random, but the quality and quantity can be guaranteed.
★ Premium Material – The disposable raincoat and ponchos ball are made of biodegradable and plastic material respectively, which have high quality, environmentally friendly, durable and waterproof
★ Multiple Uses – Ponchos ball is proper extremely for travel or other activities, because it is in small ball shape package with hook that can be easily attached to a backpack, and let you stay warm and dry in the stormiest weather
★ Perfect Experience – Rain poncho in ball is lighter than umbrella and saves space, which is suitable to adults or little kids who are living in frequently rainy areas, in case of raining without umbrella
★ Nice Gift – Poncho family pack only has one size but fits men, women and kids, and would be a nice gift for your family, friends and colleagues who will like ingenious design. It is compact package so able to put anywhere
★ Easy Carriage – Plastic rain poncho in ball is so small that you are able to hold in hands, and clip them onto your backpack, purse and belts ,which makes you feel free to do anything without heavy burden, and put on it when it rains suddenly.

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