3 Pack Fire Starter & Fatwood Tinder by CampKING | 5/16” Thick Ferro Rods with Hardwood Handle | Best Bushcraft Fire Steel for Camping, Backpacking, Survival & EDC | 6 in 1 MultiTool Striker

$25.00 (as of February 7, 2018, 2:53 PM) $22.00

MORE bang for your buck! You will receive THREE (3) quality CampKING Ferro Rod Fire Starters.
BIGGER sparks! Your solid ferrocerium striker will last crazy long. You will generate over 11,000 strikes on this 5/16” thick ferro rod.
BETTER comfort! No blocky handle, tiny plastic tab or metallic nub. Your hand feels an all-natural rounded wooden handle. Customize it, make it yours. It’s the right size for adults and kids alike.

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Freezing yet? Ready to start lighting things on fire? Our Ferrocerium Fire Starter is the survival tool you need today. Get out of the cold and start warming up in just a few minutes.

This pocket-sized tool will help to start a fire in any condition or emergency. This solid Ferrocerium (or Ferro) Rod provides thousands of extremely hot sparks that will rain down upon all types of dry tinder. Simply use the multi-tool striker and slide down the length of the Ferro Rod to produce sparks.

Weatherproof, waterproof, and built to withstand the harshest of environments – this survival tool is essential to many activities including camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, trekking, travel and survival emergencies.

•Conveniently compact size
•Weatherproof & waterproof
•Solid ferrocerium rod
•Natural wood handle
•Black paracord lanyard
•Multi-tool striker

x3 Ferro Rod Fire Starters
x3 Multi-Tool Strikers
x3 Lengths of Black Paracord
x1 Fatwood Tinder Stick Sample

1 – Gather your preferred tinder (dry bark, sticks, branches, fatwood, grass, lint, paper).
2 – Hold the ferro rod & striker firmly and scrape the rod downwards towards the tinder.
3 – Continue to scrape forcefully until the sparks have lit the tinder ablaze.
4 – Add more tinder slowly until flames engulf the larger pieces of wood around your campfire.

It is required to strip off the black protective coating before first-time use. Removing all the coating will provide the best results.

Purchase today to possess the skill of fire-making!
BONUS NOW INCLUDED! Receive THREE (3) Ferro Rod Fire Starters + A SAMPLE STICK OF FATWOOD TINDER all direct from CampKING. Fatwood tinder is some of the best fire-starting tinder available. Merry Christmas!!!
THROW BIGGER SPARKS! These Solid Ferrocerium Rods are 5/16″ (8mm) thick. You will easily produce showers of extremely hot sparks, burning at a temperature of 5,500° F. In a high-altitude environment or extreme weather conditions? These ferro rod are weatherproof & waterproof.
BETTER COMFORT! A large, comfortable handle is essential for gripping while striking any fire starter. We provide an excellent, all-natural, hardwood handle that is very comfortable to hold. The rounded design of the wooden handle is the best choice for adults and kids alike.
COOL MULTI-TOOL STRIKER. The “Spark-Striker” 6 in 1 multi-tool provides a ruler, map scale, bottle opener, hex wrench, sharp scraper edge & concave serrated end. Don’t forget the black paracord rope attached to every ferro rod fire starter. You receive 33” inches of military grade paracord rope, use as a lanyard around the neck or waist (so many more survival uses as well).
WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS! Check our seller feedback & product reviews for an honest point-of-view from satisfied customers. Our goal is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Simply love or return it. BUY NOW with confidence and start your outdoor adventure today.

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