Albert Einstein Autograph Letter Signed Regarding His United Field Theory: “…I have been brooding and calculating almost all of my days and half of the nights…’Unified Field Theory’…”

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Exceptional autograph letter signed by Albert Einstein on completing his Unified Field Theory, in which he attempts to unify his Special Theory of Relativity with Gravitational Theory into a single theory to explain the laws of physics. Letter was written from Gatow, Germany on 5 January 1929, translated from German, “Dear Michele!…the very best thing, on which I have worked for days and half the nights, speculating and making calculations, is now completed and lying in front of me, compressed into seven pages with the title ‘Unified Field Theory.’ It looks antiquated, and the dear colleagues, including you, my dear, will initially stick their tongues out as far as possible. After all, these equations do not contain Planck’s constant h. But once they have clearly reached the performance limit of the statistics craze, people will remorsefully return to the time-space concept, and then these equations will constitute a point of departure. You see, I have found a geometry that contains not only a Riemannian metric but also a distant parallelism, which until now we instinctively considered to be a characteristic of Euclidean geometry, and the simplest field equations of such a multiplicity lead to the known laws of electricity and gravitation. Even the equations Rik = o, in spite of the success they have obtained, will have to be relegated to the junk heap. I will not neglect to send you the papers. If you do not stick out your tongue then, you are a hypocrite…Your A.E….My health is slowly getting better. However, I actually was close to kicking the bucket – something one should not postpone for an unreasonable time anyway.” Einstein’s theory was published later in 1929 in “Sitzungsberichte der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Physikalisch-mathematische Klasse”. Letter on two pages of a 5.75″ x 8.25″ sheet is beautifully penned by Einstein in blue ink. With original envelope measuring 6″ x 4″. In near fine condition. With complete translation. (53981)

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