1st Root Chakra Archangel Metatron Red Jasper Gemstone, Angel Wing Charm, Sterling Silver Necklace 18″

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18 inch Sterling Silver Necklace with a 27.5x11mm (1″ x 0.43″) double-sided pewter wing charm (Made in the US), Sterling Silver “Balance” charm, and Red Jasper gemstone beads. 1st Chakra – Archangel Metatron: Once a man on Earth named Enoch, having personally experienced planting his feet on the ground (and gravity!), Metatron is the perfect archangel to help you get and stay grounded, the purpose of your 1st chakra. Call on him when you feel overwhelmed, fragmented or off balance. Or when you are too “into your head” and not in your physical body. Also, Metatron works with sacred geometrical shapes and can assist you with your time management and organizational issues. Just like the ebb and flow of the Earth’s natural cycles, let Metatron help you get in sync with the authentic rhythm of your life so you feel safe, protected and grounded. Use Crystals & Angel Therapy To Help Balance Your Chakras The seven major chakras in your body create a free-flowing subtle-energy network that promotes physical and mental health, vitality, and harmony, as well as psychic and spiritual awareness. As such, chakras also play an important role in the prevention or avoidance of illness or disease. When one or more of your chakras are blocked or out of balance that chakra is adversely affected; and consequently, your physical, mental, and spiritual vitality levels suffer. Vibrational or energy healing, like that offered by crystals and angel therapy, helps the body to be restored to its own healthy harmonic resonance. Angels exude pure positive energy, but they each have their own individual characteristics and vibrational pattern. Wear this necklace, absorb the color of its crystals, and call for assistance from the archangel whose energy corresponds to the particular chakra that you wish to balance.

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