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For those of you familiar with the work of Mark Rippetoe, this list of bars is a gift from heaven. Barbell training is the number one method for improving strength, functional fitness, and proper body development. And though plates can vary in quality, the bars you end up owning represent the core equipment for barbell training. Here you’ll find the best bars for sale, as well as equipment that goes along (barbell squat pad, barbell bar grips, spin locks etc.)

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Why would you need Bars?

Working out with bars promotes strength, and functional fitness. It is also the best way to train for muscle mass, since each move is a complex one, firing dozens of muscle groups at once, as opposed to machines where you are doing isolated muscle work. As famous barbell coach Mark Rippetoe says – working out with barbells you are lifting weights as you were meant to – with both of your feet on the ground, in an upright position, as you would in the real world.

If you are new to training with bars, make sure to educate yourself first, because severe injuries can follow very quickly. Start by lifting the bars only, and then include lower weight as you move up the ladder.

Quality bars are hard to find online, and especially at an affordable price. Our mission was exactly that, to put together a list of the best bars for sale, offering different sizes and types of bars at a relatively affordable price. To complete the list, we’ve spent days searching on Amazon, so you don’t have to repeat the process. Browse slowly, and check the description of each item separately before buying. Most of them include shipping to the US, UK, and Canada, and several European countries, sometimes even for free. So make sure to click the item and read the full description.

Before placing the order, you’ll be redirected to Amazon. We do not sell the bars from the list, but only collect the best deals available on Amazon (list is updated almost daily), so the shipping and handling goes through Amazon entirely.

When it comes to quality, we reviewed some of the items from the list, and consulted our network of fitness enthusiasts to supply feedback for the rest. Have in mind that we have a lot of people vouching for these items, so browse with ease, knowing that quality is not an issue.

You’ll find Olympic bars, farmers walk handles, curl bars, and lots of equipment, such as barbell squat pads, barbell grips, and very affordable barbell sets.

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