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Speed Hurdles

Athlete or not, speed hurdles are amazing for spicing up your workout session, and introducing obstacles that force you to improve. They are excellent for cardio stunts, improving reaction time, coordination, speed and agility. We’ve included some other items as well, for agility work most of all, frequently bought together with speed hurdles. We’ve spent over a week putting this list together, so take your time and enjoy browsing through the best speed hurdles for sale.

Why would you need Speed Hurdles?

Speed hurdles are small terrain obstacles often used for sports training. They can help you improve control over your body, as well as reaction time, acceleration, speed and coordination. Practicing with speed hurdles regularly, greatly affects an athlete’s agility capabilities. Kids especially, benefit from practicing with speed hurdles, being more able to perform other types of training later on.

There are many exercises which you can perform using speed hurdles. You can use them the same way as you would use an agility ladder, whereas the level of difficulty rises dramatically. You can do agility runs, hop down the line with feet together, or try and use one leg at a time… The possibilities are truly endless, especially when you incorporate cones and poles into the mix as well.

We noticed that many people buy these items together, so the list is slightly extended to reflect on this fact and ease your way when looking for agility equipment.

Speed hurdles come in different size, so you can start with lower obstacles, and then switch the equipment as you progress further. Multi height speed hurdles, from an economic point of view, are the most affordable and pragmatic.

You can use speed hurdles for other types of cardio and bodyweight workouts as well. For example, lateral power jumps, forward squat jumps etc.

Cones and poles are also great for improving your ability to maneuver around opponents, and know where you are in space. Sets of these are often put for sale at a very affordable price.

If you are training for speed and power however, buying a speed training resistance parachute is also an option. These can provide enough resistance at first, so you don’t have to train with a partner, or buy more expensive gear.

Note that we only create the list (and occasionally review the products) so we do not sell the items, nor handle shipping and returns here at Lifestyle Updated. For all customer service related questions you can write to the sellers on Amazon. They sell the products, and provide all shipping, handling and customer care.

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