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Measuring distance, and especially timing, tells you about the intensity of your drills. Whereas weight lifters can rely on plate size to control the intensity, a runner knows only about timing and pacing. Stopwatches, therefore, are essential in training athletes of all sorts. For someone who is serious about improving performance, doing HIIT or preparing for a 5K, marathon or a triathlon, stopwatches are a necessary companion. Here is a list of the best stopwatches for sale, with top quality and affordable price.

Why would you need Stopwatches?

If you ever had the chance to coach 10 year olds, you’ll be surprised and frustrated at the same time, about how much enthusiasm they have. Channeling this enthusiasm into a structured training program is best achieved by wielding a stopwatch. When kids become aware of how one effort compares against another, they learn to tame their enthusiasm and control the intensity of each run.

Later, you can introduce pacing, and teach them how to differentiate between slow, moderate and fast tempo, all on their own.

But stopwatches are not only for kids learning the essentials of athletic training. Adult athletes are still depended on the stopwatch, for although pacing is easy to learn, we do not have awareness of timing and distance.

If you are preparing for the 5K, for example, interval training, without a stopwatch, becomes a shout in the wind. You need to regulate pacing, have control of rest intervals, and up the ante knowing exactly where you aim.

The same goes for any other type of athletic training, including agility work, ball control exercises, swimming, and long distance running. The list above includes stopwatches that are waterproof, small and ergonomic, wrist attached or handheld… We also list multi-function stopwatches for sale, with dozens of features aside from the chronograph. The prices are extra affordable, and many have free shipping in most of the US, UK and Canada.

The list is updated regularly, and once selected each item has a detailed description (or review where we have one) after which you are redirected to Amazon where you can learn more and make the purchase.

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